HIIT 45 Circuit Exercise Class


We’re not just a bunch of runners who run every week. We are a squad of like minded local people who share a passion for running and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We don’t care too much for race times, but that doesn’t mean we’re not committed to being the best we possibly can be! When you join the SquadRun, not only are you making a difference in yourself, you will make new friends who you will soon call family.


As well as promoting general fitness and wellness within the squad, we are also very active in our community. We are dedicated to giving back by the ways of volunteering, donations and community service.


REMINDER: We don't have pace groups and everyone is encouraged to run as fast as they can. Don't let that intimidate you. The word ‘fast’ is relative, which means it's different for everyone. You might have to push yourself to stick with someone in front of you, or you might end up running solo the whole time. Nothing wrong with that! In fact, it'll make you stronger.



DAY & TIME: Every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm.

MEETING POINT: We start each run on Barge Walk near the Hampton Wick War Memorial. This location gives         us easy access to Park, Riverside and Urban 5k routes.

SOCIAL: Every Run is followed by an optional social drink at Woody's located on Riverside Walk.

REGISTRATION & BOOKING: Everyone joining a run must have an account with The Fit Squad. Once registered you can then book a place onto a SquadRun up to one month in advance. Each SquadRun is limited to a maximum of 20 Runners. Register and reserve your spot by clicking the link below.



SAFETY FIRST: No red light is worth the risk. Wait. Respect all traffic rules and never assume a vehicle has seen you. Run on the pavement where possible and respect pedestrians. If you see a runner cross the street carelessly, please do not follow. Keep running until you find a safe place to cross. As the SquadRun grows, safety is our #1 priority.


COMMUNICATE: If you see the runners in front of you stop, make sure you let the people behind you know. Call out cars, uneven pavements, and pedestrians.


RESPECT THE HOOD: Never litter. While we are running in residential neighborhoods, please keep noise levels to a minimum. Once we hit the main streets, it’s all good.


BE SEEN: We run at night. Night is dark and dangerous. We provide florescent vests to those who need them but we ask you to come prepared with some reflective gear or a running light. We want all cars to notice our group.


POSITIVE VIBES ONLY: Our community of runners is growing because we help each other out. We are community-orientated and we are stronger together. We inspire movement, celebrate each other, and we all ooze positive vibes only.


MAKE A FRIEND: We foster a community of runners who have amazing stories. Take the time to meet a new runner each time. They can potentially be your next running buddy or know your middle school friend. Build rapport and feel a responsibility in growing our community. Don't forget to pop along to the post run social at Woody's on Riverside Walk!


PAY IT FORWARD: Outside of Wednesdays, we challenge you to run but most importantly inspire, help, and empower someone else. Start small. Be there for someone so you can come and tell the story the following Wednesday.