September 26, 2017

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Ollie's Top 10 Tips to Help Keep You Motivated!

July 24, 2020

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle or improve fitness staying motivated is not always easy. Personal Trainer Ollie Kerr from The Fit Squad based in Wimbledon has put together their top 10 tips to help keep you focused and pushing towards your goals.


1. Remember Why You Started


There are going to be times when you stop and curse the thing you set out to do, but when this happens think back to why you started. Think of the reasons why you're doing what you're doing and the reward of accomplishing the goals you have in mind. It could be a resolution or a promise to someone else, but work through the difficulty and keep your chin up. Be patient and good things will come to you.


2. Be Positive With Your Speaking And Interaction


This is essential to achieving a goal and often gets overlooked. Think back to when you first started your fitness journey; were you confident and focused? A bit of time has passed and now you may feel like you can't accomplish what you're looking to do. Remind yourself that when you started, the positive attitude you had influenced your success. Keeping that optimism will ensure more success down the road.


3. Stay Focused


Although it may be easier said than done staying focused is crucial to success; always keep this in mind no matter what you're doing. Think of the days beforehand: just yesterday, this was the only thing you wanted to do. Let that memory sit in the back of your mind whenever you feel weak or distracted. It will serve as a great way to stay in charge of your goals.


Lacking motivation? Why not contact The Fit Squad to arrange a FREE no obligation Personal Training taster session to help get you back on track! I’m currently offering these sessions in Wimbledon, Cottenham Park and Kingston Upon Thames.


4. Tunes And Volume


One thing that works well for a lot of people including myself is having something to listen to while working out. If you're at the gym and you can't find your momentum, put some ear buds in and blast your favourite tracks. It will keep you focused and amp up your energy levels. I like to play music with a high bpm at all of my outdoor personal training sessions to keep energy levels high!


5. People Expect You To Fail


People expect you to fail at accomplishing your goals. It's not necessarily because they don’t believe in you it’s just because it's so common, the majority of individuals will start something then fall short of their goal. Let that be your fuel to continue going and marching forward. Be the exception and prove people wrong!


6. Learn From Others


Do you see all those people at the gym who look in shape and are fit, even though they may have kids or a dedicated job? They were likely just like you at some point and went through the same struggles. Knowing that they can accomplish what they set out to do is a good way to strengthen your own motives and fortitude.


7. Eat Right


Getting into proper shape and burning fat are complimentary of each other; you almost can't have one with out the other. Combining exercise with a proper diet is a sure-fire way to lose all that weight you've packed on throughout the years. Eat healthy + move more = achieving your goals. Simple!


8. Sleep Like A Baby


Regardless of the timing, you need to get the right amount of sleep. Not only do you need the optimal amount of sleep, you need quality sleep as well. Your body is going to be going through a lot of stress and burning loads of energy to create the new you you're striving so much for, so make sure to get deep, restful sleep.


9. Hold Yourself Accountable To Someone


If you go it alone it’s hard to maintain self-motivation. Get yourself a gym buddy so you have someone to answer to when you skip a workout and you’ll be more likely to succeed in the long-term. This is another reason why personal training can be beneficial.


10. Look to The Future


You're probably thinking about what you're going to look like. That's good and I know you're probably letting those images run through your head right now. Think of how great you'll look and what you have accomplished. Picture that perfect self you're striving to earn and let it further your progress. 


You may find it difficult to stay motivated, but don't fret; lots of others have the same problem. You just need to push yourself outside of that zone and move forward. Stay determined, strong and uncompromising in your vision. Remember, winners never quit. With all these tips and a great attitude, you'll achieve all you set out to do. Feel free to contact me at The Fit Squad for more advice and personal training tips to help give your motivation a boost!


Thanks for Reading :)

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